Thursday, December 16, 2010

suRvey suRvey..layan sajer la..

Instruction : Once you tag, answer all the Q honestly....
Tagged to : jiej lajim, cute mum
Starting Time : 9:35 am

Name : kema
Full Name : Nurhidayah Akhmar Binti Mohd Razali *long name rite*
Siblings : 5 *im da 2nd*
Eye Colour : Brown
Shoe Size : 6 or 7 *depends on brand*
Hair : same wif eye *for da color*
Height : 153cm *xde r rendah mane pon*
What r u Wearing Right Now? : Baju Keje
Where Do You Live? : Putrajaya *at dis moment la*
Favourite Number : 11 *haha gedik je ttbe nk suka no ni..7 kot ekceli*
Favourite Drink : nescafe n ape2 air y ade whipped cream *esp ice blended*
Favourite Month : October *my bufday ohhhh*
Favourite Breakfast : roti coklat *last few weeks ni suka nasi kerabu..wakaka*

Broken a Bone : nope.. *xnk xnk xnk!!!*
Been in a police car? : nope *hopefully spjg hayat xpenah*
Fallen for a friends : nope *yeke ek??hurmmm*
Fallen for a Guy/Girl in a short period of time? : once *wif my tettttttttt*
Swam in an Ocean : yes.. *last year kot*
Broken someone's heart : yes.. long time ago *gile la jujur*
Cried when someone died : yes.. *ni opkos lorhh cz cannot see them anymore*
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yes.. *usually waiting da sms..hehe*
Saved e-Mail : yes..*slalu saved email opis..kekekke..penting ohhh*
Been cheated on : few times.. *touching*

Your room look like? : like a heaven for me.. *wahh..budget cm hotel 5stars je*
What is right beside you : my lovely momo n dudu *like both of them crazyly..hahaha*
What is a last thing you ate : same ngn sae lorhh.. cekodok sayur makcik bawah *sedappppp*

Chicken Pox : nope.. *hopefully xkena la*
Sore Throat : kadang2 *standby strepsils slalu dlm handbag*
Stitches : selalu.. *sae kate x cz he is my bf..nk gelak..lawak la sae ni..haishhhhh*
Broken Nose : nope.. *bleeding nose penah la..hehehe*

~ DO YOU ~
Believe in love at first sight : yes.. *cm i ngn stich kot??hahha..agaknye* =p
Like Picnic? : i like it so much!! *da lame bzikir kat telinga stich tp xdpt*

~WHO ~
Who did you last yell at : opkos kak jijah *PA system BPPA* =p
Who was the last person you danced with : stich or brad pitt mybe?? *jgn mimpi la ko..dlm mimpi bole*
Who last made you smile : my stich lorhhh *dis monink*

What are you listening to right now? : era fm.. *riuh pagi era*
What did you do today : blogging n jawab surat2 y melambak ni *tension btol ckp psl jwb surat*
Are you the oldest? : nope.. *akk ak lerr*
Indoor or Outdoor: more to indoor.. tp outdoor pon bole.. *mcm sae!!!*

Talk to someone you like? : opkos.. *geng eo ICT*
Kiss anyone ? : no.. *sedey*
Sing? : yes.. *dis monink mase otw p opis*
Talk to ex ? : no no no!! *ketegasan disitu*
Miss Someone? : yes.. *someone je ke??lebih xley??*
Eat? : yes.. *cekodok sayur as i said b4*

You talk to the phone? : bos..
Made you cry ? : stich *sbb die jauh..ohhh gedik*
Went to the movie with : sae, scha, noms, fara, diana n dekya.. *sentapp xjd tgk movie smlm*
You went to the mall with ? : stich *stich again..apsal die plk ttbe popular dlm blog ak ni*
Who cheer you up? : stich *matik la ak kene banned..sume pon stich..ape nk buat all day long i ngn die je*

Been to Mexico? : nope.. *ade x y nk sponsor i?*
Been to USA? : nope... *nk p US nk nk nk*

Have a crush on someone? : yes..
What books are you reading right now? : TAUBAT *hopefully dpt hidayah lebih*
Best feeling in the world : ketika makan eskem *stich...nk BR* =p
Future kids name? : lom cari pon lg.. *perlu ke pk skrg?*
Do you sleep with stuffed animal? : yes.. *eh jap2..bear tu animal la kan??* =p
What's under your bed? : nothing *bukan ak ade katil pon*
Favourite sport? : hockey *suka since sekolah dlu* tennis n futsal *ni scra tbe2* =p
Favourite place : mall n island *sikit2 nk p mall*
Who do you really hate? : traitor *same as sae*
Do you have a job? : yes..
What time is right now? : 10.06 am *lame nye ak jwb soalan2 ni dgn jujur* =p


Sae said...

Believe in love at first sight : yes.. *cm i ngn stich kot?? <----chehhh... **ayat jelesss...~huhu

pinkydablueberry said...

alamak malu ai...huhuhuhu..jeles xpe..nak stich kalu no no no..hehehe..rilex2..nnti sae cri satu stich ea.. =)


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